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Owner operator Karen Turner has done extensive research to find a whitening system that would whiten her teeth but not irritate her overly sensitive gums and teeth. Karen was a smoker and coffee drinker for 24 years and a red wine drinker before it was popular.  In 1992 she had periodontal surgery on her gums which added to the gum sensitivity. When she had her teeth cleaned at the dentist, they froze one side of her gums to do the cleaning, then she returned in a week and had the other side done — that's how sensitive they were! 

Karen TurnerAbout 15 years ago Karen read a book by the makeup artist Bobbi Brown in which she said if you were going to do one thing to make you look younger, whiten your teeth; it will take 10 years off your life!  So, off to the dentist she went to get trays made for bleaching at home.  She could only fill them half way up because they irritated her gums,however; it did get white teeth for about $350. 

Zoom bleaching was next at  $500 about 8 years ago.  Karen suffered through the 2 hour procedure, but she sure had Hollywood teeth when she was done.  Her teeth sensitivity grew over the years from the bleaching – she started the search for a teeth whitening system that would not irritate the gums and teeth.

In April of 2011 Karen found the Canadian supplier she wanted to work with!  The LED light works with the purest and freshest carbamide hydrogen peroxide solutions in a preloaded mouth piece to remove the stains from your natural teeth, crowns and veneers painlessly and in 20 minutes for $129! Best of all, she went up 3 shades and has a touch up pen to keep them white and polished looking. 


  • Annette Kohlert – Regina – WhiteHot Smile III - phone: 306.535.4795
  • Ellen’s Whole Body Health Ltd., 507 Nelson Road, Saskatoon –  phone:  306.477.3504
  • Bonnie Davies – Salon Grea – 511 – 9th Street East, Saskatoon – phone: 306.374.4732
  • Laurie Kratochvil – Nipawin whitehotsmile3@gmail.com – phone: 306.276.3204 (cell)

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