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Products & Equipment


WHS LED light assembledLED lighting system

Exposing your teeth and the suspended carbamide peroxide to the LED lights accelerates the conversion of hydrogen peroxide into whitening hydroxyl radicals.

The light incorporates the latest technology in both performance and design
Osram Lead Bulbs 465-470 NM


Mouth trays

Made in Canada! Canada

The new duel arch tray is made in Canada, using the same material that is used to make baby pacifiers.  We like to know what we are putting in our mouth and believe our customers should know as well.

Mouth tray
WHS mouth tray


Finger Brush Ups

This finger teeth wipe is used to clean the teeth, gums and tongue prior to treatment to maximize penetration of the whitening gel.

finger brush ups
WHS Brush Up


Vitamin E Swabs

Preloaded cotton swab.  Crack open one side and the vitamin E and aloe dispenses out of the other end.

Vitamin E Swabs
WHS Vitamin E swab


Confident White Smile Teeth Whitening Pen

The teeth whitening pen is another of our trademarked Canadian made products.  Our unique pens are made of a mixture of hydrogen and carbamide peroxide and provide amazing results as a maintenance or stand alone teeth whitening product.

Teeth Whitening Pen
WHS whitening pen

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