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People Behind the Smile - Testimonials


3 Video Testimonials - Click the images below to view the YouTube videos of Ellen Forsythe, Anthony Bidulka, and Cheir Uthe.

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Gina-Mairie Wirt, athlete- bodybuilder

"I absolutely love the results of WhiteHot Smile! It's a quick and painless service great for sensitive teeth. The instant whiter and brighter natural look really compliments my stage appearance. The service is great for an every day whiter smile and for special events where you want to look and feel your best." ~ Gina-Marie Wirt

Glen E. Grant Photographer

Tatrina Tai, jazz singer songwriter

"Working in the entertainment industry means I need to put my best smile forward every day. When singing on stage I don’t have time to worry about the small things, including the way my teeth look and thanks to WhiteHot Smile there’s no need to. Through quick 20 minute treatment sessions, usually about one every six months or so,  I am confident that I will have a stage ready smile any day of the week. 

I highly recommend giving it a try. When I first told my friends that I was the new spokesperson for WHS, some of them laughed and told me my teeth were white enough. Little did they know that I had just had my first treatment done! This system really works! "


Shannon Richards, Infinite Zenergy Holistic Health

"As a holistic health coach, I need to lead by example and always put my best face forward as a picture of health and vitality. With White Hot Smile, I am confident that my teeth will always look their best, and I am thrilled to be able to use these non-toxic products made here in Canada. I highly recommend Karen - she's friendly, professional and you get fabulous results!"


Jon "The Next Level" Ganshorn.

"Special thanks to great services Karen at WhiteHot Smile has given me.  I have been involved with the world of Mixed Martial Art for over a decade. As a fighter, not only do you have to be training constantly to be at the top of your game, but you also learn about the business, and show side of the sport. Along with this side, marketing myself for these shows, I have to look my best. With that said, a bright smile says a lot when working with promotional venues. WhiteHot Smile has done a great job of helping me with this, as well as making me feel very comfortable in a professional environment. In my opinion, WhiteHot Smile knocks out any competition in their way."

Jon "The Next Level" Ganshorn

Jenn Luiten-Hamm, RE/MAX Saskatoon & Area

“When I booked my appointment I was not convinced it would be better than my dentist's whitening kit. Even though my teeth had previously been whitened, Karen still got them 6 shades lighter without making them sensitive to hot and cold like my dentist’s kit.  She even sent me home with a handy whitening pen so I can maintain my fabulous reslts.  Give it a try today!  I’m sure glad I did."


Shane Korol

“Comfortable procedure with excellent results, teeth came out noticeably whiter.”


Paula Ghiglione, Realty Executives Saskatoon

“Karen is lovely and I walked away with 6 shades brighter teeth.  I am sure to dazzle all my real estate clients!”


Kathy Specht


Andrea Johannsen 

"Hi Karen,  I am very satisfied with the results I've had from my white hot smile treatment and am grateful to see that you are actively contributing to foundations that have such a life changing impact on so many people. 
Bonnie was an absolute pleasure to spend time with during my treatment. She is incredibly outgoing, easy to talk to and has a welcoming and genuine attitude. I would not hesitate to return to Bonnie for additional treatments or to refer friends to her. I strongly believe that you should be proud to have an individual such as Bonnie representing your product; she truly was the epitome of customer service and was fluent in expressing her knowledge of the product and process. Please do not hesitate to pass my regards onto Bonnie, she is phenomenal at what she is doing. Thank you for following up on my treatment, I appreciate your continued interest in your clients." 

Brenda Crichton – A prairie Christmas Shopping Show, Show Producer

“Thanks for the wonderful experience. Karen Made me feel at home. My teeth look amazing!” 


Morgana Scully

“ Easy to do, went up 9 shades and look great!”


Kendra McBride

“My mom, sister, and I came to get our teeth whitening before my wedding and we were extremely pleased with the results and had fun!”


Janice Hill

“Absolutely fantastic results. I was quite amazed after only 20 minutes with the product on!  I recommend this for anyone who wants brighter teeth!”


Sheri Ebert

“I came to see Karen at WhiteHot Smile wanting to whiten my teeth for my wedding and I am so thrilled with the results!  I didn’t know my teeth could be so white!”


Danielle Labossiere

“My experience with WhiteHot Smile was painless, easy, and had great results!  This is important as I have very sensitive teeth and gums.  Thanks!”


Carol Tidball

“Loved how white my teeth got – a great experience!”


Marilyn Parenteau

"Äbsolutely loved the results!  Highly recommended!”


Barb Nadou

"I wanted a WhiteHot Smile for my daughter's wedding," said Barbara. "Thanks WHS for making my special day even brighter."

Barb Nadou

Ryan Schultz, CKRM Radio

"I have a great new white smile.  I went up 9 shades!  Great, friendly, knowledgeable staff.  Best 20 minutes my smile ever had!"

Wendy Turner-Larsen, Regina

"The WhiteHot Smile process is quick, simple and effective. The results
were great and it takes only 20 minutes. I have tried two other teeth whitening processes in the past couple years. The results from the first one was unsatisfactory and the second type involved several trays, was cumbersome and took up to 40 minutes.  Using the touch up pen from White Hot Smile
has helped keep my teeth white and I am very pleased with the results. My teeth went up 5 shades!  I also appreciate that the product is Canadian made. Karen is professional, efficient and answers all your questions."

Brandi Ewan

Brandi Ewan
Whitest Hotest Smile yet! - Brandi Ewan


Bonnie Davies

"I recently had a milestone birthday, and while I was okay with the number, my hair, my body, my mind...my teeth were another issue.  I have used strips, and toothpastes to whiten my teeth, with little to no effect.  My very good friend gave me a gift certificate for a teeth whitening service for this birthday, and I was excited!  Not only was I in and out in 30 minutes, but my teeth actually went up 5 shades whiter with a very minor amount of sensitivity, which had disappated by morning.  I was even surprised by how much more they had whitened in the 24 hours after the treatment.

 I love good, strong coffee and lattes. I like chocolate and berries. I love red wine,  and so I will continue to indulge in these, knowing that I can maintain my whiteness with the Confident Smile gel maintenance pen.  It's easy to use and so effective. 

I am so confident in this new procedure, that I have incorporated it into my services as a Makeup Artist, at Haarley's Salon.  It instantly makes you look years younger! I love my WhiteHot Smile!"


~Haarley's Salon 306.933.9965

Bonnie Bogner, Spiritual Coach  Speaker, Soul Vibrations

"Good job on your new business. I am enjoying looking in the mirror and seeing my teeth so much brighter. There was some tingling, but no sensitivity at all."

Brittney Delanoy, winner of July 2011 contest

"I loved it all!  Brittney Turner was great!  You guys are so nice. It was so exciting to find out I won a free treatment. I had an amazing experience at the Regina exhibition! Not a day goes by that I don't catch myself checking my new white teeth out in the mirror!! I love my new smile! Thankyou .


Ida Zeline Lien

"When Karen started the WHS clinics at Boutique BeYouTeFul, I was excited to try it as I had heard about it but didn't want to have it done by traditional methods as I've been told it's not good for your teeth.  My first WHS treatment was painless and reasonably priced but I really didn't see that much of a difference in the colour even though the shade matching before and after showed I went up several shades.  I decided to do it again two weeks later - it went up six additional shades - I was much happier with the results.  I'm using the pen and very happy with it as well.  I recommend it for people that have high sensitivity and want professional results."

~Boutique BeYouTeFul, 154 2nd Ave South, Saskatoon – phone: 306. 373.0129

Graham Barker

"Thanks for the follow up. You have created an 'ambassador' for your technology and customer service. Take care."

Bev Larsen

"I was so excited about winning a free teeth whitening! Because I can not open one side of my mouth very far, I was concerned about getting the mouth piece in, but it fit easily with no discomfort at all.  It was such a quick and easy process... literally twenty minutes to a white smile! I am so thrilled with the results!  Thanks Karen for the great service!"

 Barb Petersen

"I'm 57 years old, and I started whitening my teeth about 5 years ago  after I saw a friend of mine ( same age) who's teeth looked amazing and she looked so much younger.  She suggested I try the bleach white stripes -which I did.  Yes, they did work, but oh my teeth were so tender throughout the entire 14 day procedure - for 30 minutes twice a day.  What an uncomfortable procedure!  Couldn’t talk – drooling and sensitive teeth.

I recently discovered the LED light system.  This works with carbamide peroxide in a preloaded tray to remove the stains from teeth, crowns and veneers in only 20 minutes.  No tenderness, no sensation, and my white teeth are now 3 shades whiter!"


Ellen Forsythe

"Wow! My teeth are 6 shades whiter in just 20 minutes. They look and feel great. It felt like I had them cleaned at the dentist without any scraping or chemicals. I have sensitive teeth and gums and this was the easiest and most comfortable procedure I have ever had done on my teeth. There was no discomfort during or after the whitening session." 


~ Ellen’s Whole Body Health Ltd., 306.477.3504

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Ellen Anthony Cheri Uthe